A stunning and unexpected portrait of Lucy Maud Montgomery, creator of one of literature’s most prized heroines, whose personal demons were at odds with her most enduring legacy—Anne of Green Gables.

Perfect for readers who love Montgomery’s seminal work or other classics like Little Women, with strong female leads who refuse to conform to societal standards or give up their passions.

Listed by PopSugar as one of
2023’s Best New Historical Fiction Books!

This outstanding debut delivers a moving, richly detailed and nuanced portrayal of a deeply fascinating woman…. Steiner’s extensive research is evident not only in the facts but in the complex emotional tapestry she weaves.
—Author Brianna Labuskes

After Anne is a deeply thoughtful and moving novel about Lucy Maud Montgomery…. With extensive research, compassion and honesty, Steiner paints a nuanced portrait of [Montgomery].
—Author Melissa Payne

An exquisite tribute to Lucy Maud Montgomery, the revered author who gave us so much scope for imagination…. Get ready, this book will break your heart in the most splendid ways.
—Author Sarah McCoy

The writing is deep and powerful, charming and moving…. Steiner … created a world that intertwined fact and fiction in a way that I believe Lucy Maud Montgomery herself would proud of.
—Author Ali Dean

Steiner writes with evident love for her character, an impressive command of the history, and lush language that conjures the gentle sunshine and floral scented breezes of Prince Edward Island.
—Author Allison Pataki

Logan Steiner’s beautifully written tale of the triumphs and tragedies of Lucy Maud Montgomery is a captivating read for anyone who grew up wishing they could adventure around Avonlea with Anne of Green Gables.
—Author Sarah James

After Anne is a masterpiece, with lyrical, sensitive, confident writing… It was a joy and a satisfying heartache of a narration experience.
—Narrator Tavia Gilbert
Steiner’s tale is respectful and loving, but also unflinching… The difference between one’s public face and one’s private persona drives this novel.
—Calgary Book Nerd on Substack


I am a lawyer by day and a writer by baby bedtime. My writing explores motherhood and the creative life.

My debut novel, AFTER ANNE, was released on May 30, 2023 by HarperCollins. For fans of Anne of Green Gables and for anyone who loves learning about the real lives of authors responsible for creating our most enduring characters, the novel tells the life story of the author Lucy Maud Montgomery.

After graduating from Pomona College and Harvard Law School, I clerked for three federal judges, spent six years in Big Law, and spent three years as an Assistant United States Attorney. I now specialize in brief writing at a boutique law firm.

Balancing lawyering, writing, and mothering is not easy, but I have found that they complement more than compete. Being a lawyer makes me a clearer writer, being a writer makes me a happier lawyer, and being a mother makes me a more grounded one of each.

I live in Denver with my husband David, our daughter, and the cranky old man of the house, a Russian Blue cat named Taggart.

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